Ahmed Mahmoud Osman

Ahmed Osman

Effect of connection design on the long-term implant prognosis

the last year’s implant design has developed dramatically to provide better
prognosis and superior peri-implant tissue support. what was allowed in the past as
implant survivor rate is no more accepted by the clinicians nor the patients. the
deep understanding of the bone physiology, biomechanics and the technological
development of the implant manufacturing allowed to introduce major upgrades to
the implant design to deliver a reliable treatment for our patients.
we will discuss the impact of the implant fixture-abutment connection development
and its influence on the implant positioning and the long-term implant success rate.

Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Osman completed his undergraduate studies at the dental school
of Cairo University Egypt in 1996. Following graduation, Starting in1998, Dr.
Osman completed a two-years Prosthodontic Residency program in the
department of Maxillofacial Prosthetic University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.
Dr. Osman is currently a professor in University of Naples federicoII, Naples,
Italy, and he is the Deputy-President of the Journal of Osteology and
Biomaterial, Pescara, Italy.
Dr. Osman has extensively lectured on dental implant prosthodontics in Europe, Far
East, and the Middle East. He is certified laser trainer for the Middle East for the well-known dental company Sirona. He is also the founder and Managing Director of the VidentiCairo Institute. Since 2005, he has been teaching implant treatment planning and advanced implant prosthodontics courses to more than 600 alumni from twelve countries. Dr.
Osman maintains a private practice, which is limited exclusively to Prosthodontics and implants in Cairo, Egypt.