About The Event

DUBAI IMPLANTARIUM (DI) is the first specialized comprehensive dental implantology conference in the UAE.
It is a scientifically driven 2-days event , aiming at bringing in the latest updates in the field, and more importantly, bringing the abstract theoretical knowledge into our day to day practice.

Dr Ahmed Osman, the founder of DI, owner and CEO of ”Bridges international” education and event management company, is and has always been adopting the slogan: ”Bridging the Gap”.
Gaps between literature and clinics, knowledge from East and west, past paradigms and the most recent ones. He also focuses on extracting the tips and tricks from the different lecturers in order to provide the most applicable/useful information and a clear ”take home message”.

The conference is held under the dental society of the Emirates Medical Association EMA, which has always been supported by Dr Aisha Sultan, who has always been very keen to support scientific events in the region and to always empower the arena scientifically in all dental fields.

The DI is held in collaboration with a prominent partner, the Alexandria Oral Implantology Association AOIA, who’s long experience in the field of implantolgy, education and conferences goes back to 1996, and is clearly reflected on the success of both previous events, giving generously a great support in the scientific and logistic areas.
The DI 3 is taking place at the Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival city-UAE, featuring world-renowned speakers in the field such as;

Dr Ashraf Ayoub, Dr. Christian Makary, Dr Ahmed Aboulfettouh, Dr Sammy Noumbissi,…
This Congress integrates both pre and post-congress intensive workshops, and is expected to attract the elite dentists and implantologists from the local and international communities.

About EMA

EMA was established in 1980 as a non-profit organization consisting of physicians, dentists and pharmacists. It merely started with a few members and over the years, the membership has increased tremendously. Today EMA has over 2,000 members who are certified by internationally accredited medical bodies, under various sub-specialties

Word of the EMA

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you all to the Dubai Implantarium, the first International Dental Conference fully devoted to Oral implantology in UAE. This event is the result of the collaborative effort of the Alexandria Oral Implantology Association the Dental Society of the Emirates Medical Association. For many years the Alexandria Oral Implantology Association has held its annual event in the beautiful city of Alexandria. With the growing success and vast expansion of the event, it was deemed necessary to bring it to a bigger venue of a world class standard and Dubai was the perfect place for this.  Dubai has become an international hob city not only for its touristic attractions, but also for a variety of international gatherings in business, trade, sport and telecommunication. The selection of Burj Khaleefa to host the Dubai Implantarium is only the beginning of what would be a very exciting experience to all participants.

Dear Colleagues,

Recent years have seen vast changes in implant treatment concepts and modalities. Implant related technology have also grown tremendously.  With all these happenings, the need for evidence based practice in implantology becomes imperative. It was a challenging task for the organizing committee to come up with an event of high quality. World class keynote speakers were invited to participate and share their knowledge and expertise with us. The implant industry has also been invited to present their state of the art technology in the field of implantology. Scientific and social programs were carefully drawn to provide knowledge and leisure for all participants and their companions. For our guests who are residents of Dubai or frequent visitors, I am sure you will be surprised with the many things you missed to see in your last round in the city. And for those coming to Dubai for the first time, please make the most out of your stay and enjoy an experience of a life time in Dubai.

Finally, I wish this conference, its organizers and participants all the success, and hope you all have a great time.

Dr Aisha Sultan

President of Dental Society, Emirates Medical Association

Director of Dental Services, Ministry of Health, UAE

About AOIA

Alexandria Oral Implantology Association

The AOIA has been established in 1996 By Professor M.S.El-Attar, in Alexandria-Egypt.

It has been progressively succeeding in the field of Dental Implant Education adopting the so-called The “Implant School”.

Their activities extended to promote Implant education in many neigbouring countries such as Jordan, KSA, Kuwait, and UAE via various forms of educational activities such as courses, conferences, and co-sponsorship of academic journals (e.g Smile dental journal).The Journal of dental Ideology is the AOIA’a official journal.

It has become affiliated to the ICOI soon after establishment, and is granting fellowships to trained professionals.

Collaboration with the DGOI has emphasized further international popularity.